About PDA Connect

About PDA Connect

PDA Connect® has been designed to allow PDA members a place to discuss topics of interest to them.  It is aligned around the PDA Interest Groups (IGs) and their area of focus.  When a new discussion is posted or comments to that discussion posted, PDA members that have turned on their notifications for that IG in PDA Connect receive an email alert.  It’s a place for members to discuss topics outside of IG meetings or other PDA events.

The PDA Connect landing page has two main sections that organize post in two ways.

By Interest Groups (Categories)

The first is the IG Categories.  This is where members can check out current and past discussions related to a specific IG category.  Clicking on an IG Category opens the discussion page for that IG.  It is designed to be a place where Interest Groups members (or other PDA members with an interest in an IG’s focus area) can have ongoing discussion.   The IGs are the primary focus of PDA connect and e-mail notifications are sent out based on the IG category selected during the posting process.  PDA members that want to receive the email notifications for specific IG can turn on this feature in PDA connect.  PDA connect is all about providing a place for ongoing discussions.

By Topic Areas (Tags)

The second is the Topic Areas.  When making a post Topic Areas (or Tags) may be added.  These tags allow PDA members on PDA connect to sort the discussion by predefined topic areas if desired.  Clicking on a topic area opens the discussion page for that topic area and displays the related post irrespective of the IG Category selected. As the focus of PDA connect is to be a forum for IG members to continue their discussion no alerts are generated based on the topic area tags.

Email any questions related to PDA connect to sci_reg@pda.org.