PDA Letter Article

Excitement in the Air: Anticipating PDA Week 2024 in Southern California

by Sebastian Teitz, PhD

Neon text writing 'Electrifying Buzz In The Air' against a sunset over a calm oceanAs 2024 gets into full swing, there’s an electrifying buzz in the air at PDA. Set against the backdrop of the picturesque California landscape, PDA Week 2024, anchored by the reimagined 2024 PDA Annual Meeting that will take place March 25-29, is in sunny Long Beach, California. This year’s annual meeting promises a whirlwind of innovation, learning, and collaboration, where some of the brightest minds in pharmaceutical manufacturing and science will converge to shape the future of our industry.

What to Expect! 

You will have multiple opportunities to attend hands-on training while immersing yourself in workshops and engaging in and across all the PDA Week 2024 activities. Some of the following examples below will surely be present in your experience at the 2024 PDA Annual Meeting:

1. Gain cutting-edge insights: The 2024 PDA Annual Meeting is set to feature a lineup of renowned speakers and industry experts who will share their insights on the latest advancements. Some of the many topics include rare disease drug development, manufacturing challenges, streamlining processes to enhance product quality, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, bringing pharmaceutical quality auditing into the digital age. You will also learn about advanced therapy medicinal products’ regulatory submission strategies, innovations to meet the requirements of EU GMP Annex 1: Manufacture of Sterile Medicinal Products, advances in nanoparticle delivery vehicle development, drug shortages, and sustainability.

  • “The Case for Disruption: Challenging the Status Quo to Encourage a Viable Future” is back by popular demand. Following a brief presentation, there will be an open discussion forum on critical issues such as updating regulatory requirements, next-generation technologies, navigating post-approval changes, and defining the ultimate desired state for sterile product manufacturing.
  • New to PDA this year are Lightening Presentations, a dynamic visual storytelling approach in just six minutes and 40 seconds!
  • Other additions this year include thought leadership focused sessions, highlighting PDA’s initiatives and activities that are supporting the future of the pharmaceutical industry. View the agenda to learn more about speakers and sessions and prepare to be inspired by the groundbreaking research and innovative solutions that are driving our field forward. 

2. Learn in interactive workshops and training: Engage in hands-on educational sessions designed to hone your skills! Come to Long Beach early for the Quality and Compliance Management for Virtual Companies Training Course (March 24) or stay late for the Foundations of Quality Risk Management Training Course (March 28) or Essentials of Contamination Control Strategy Workshop (March 28). During the Annual Meeting, there will be two mini-training courses taking place (additional ticket required): Cleaning and Disinfection, and Environmental Monitoring Sampling – Isolator/RABS Gloves. All of these interactive sessions will provide practical knowledge that you can apply directly to your work. 

3. Connect Through Unparalleled Networking: One of the most exciting experiences at PDA is the chance to network with peers, colleagues, and professionals from around the globe. The exchange of ideas in this diverse and dynamic environment sparks new collaborations and partnerships. Get started early by participating in the pre-meeting Hot Topic Breakfast Roundtables with subject matter experts. This head start on robust and engaging discussions is new this year and requires an additional ticket. With various hot topics from which to choose, there is an in-depth discussion for everyone to select from: Speeding Innovation through Global Regulatory Convergence, Training of the Future, 503B Compounding Facilities, or Early- and Mid-Career Professional Development.

4. Participate in product demonstrations: Explore the Exhibit Hall, where more than 40 featured leading companies will be showcasing their state-of-the-art products and services. Witness live demonstrations of cutting-edge manufacturing equipment and technologies shaping the future of pharmaceutical production. Hear informative tech talks on new products and services and learn from engaging poster presentations on innovative research and developments. 

5. Immerse yourself in cultural experiences: Finally, you will have the opportunity to sample the rich cultural tapestry of Southern California. Tuesday evening is free to allow attendees to enhance their conference experience with pre-arranged group activities (additional ticket required). Test your knowledge at Trivia Night at Beachwood Brewing, take a scenic evening dinner cruise, or relax and unwind at the Sip and Paint Soiree. PDA will also be screening the Documentary Film of Medicine and Miracles, which tells the personal story of Emily Whitehead, who was diagnosed with leukemia at six. A special guest from the documentary team will be there to facilitate the post-screening discussion.

More interested in spending time on your own? There is something for everyone to enjoy outside the conference halls, including exploring the Museum of Latin American Art, cruising the waterways of Naples and Alamitos Bay Canals, and enjoying Kitschy Tiki Town.

As our staff prepares for this remarkable professional enrichment journey, we are inspired by your support and enthusiasm. We look forward to sharing a wealth of knowledge and fresh perspectives. Together, we can push the boundaries of pharmaceutical manufacturing and science, led by the innovations we will encounter at the 2024 PDA Annual Meeting and throughout PDA Week. Register for the Annual Meeting and associated activities today! We will see you there!