2023 PDA Honor Awards

Honorary Membership*

PDA's most prestigious award, conferring lifetime membership benefits to the recipient. The award is given in recognition of very long service, of a very significant nature, to PDA.

Awarded to:

Frederick Carleton Award*

This award is designated for a past Board member whose services on the Board are determined by his/her peers as worthy of high recognition. It is presented as a tribute to lifetime contributor Fred Carleton.

Awarded to:

Gordon Personeus Award*

This Award is intended to honor a PDA member for his or her long-term activities and/or volunteer contributions that are of noteworthy or special importance and have positively impacted PDA in several areas over time. It is presented in memory of the late Gordon Personeus, past PDA President and long-time volunteer.

Awarded to:

Michael Korczynski Award*

This Award is presented to recognize contributions to PDA’s international activities. It is named for Michael S. Korczynski in recognition of the contributions he made toward the development of PDA’s international activities.

Awarded to:

James P. Agalloco Award

This award is presented annually to the PDA TRI faculty member who exemplifies outstanding performance in education. The selection is based on student and faculty evaluations. It is named for James P. Agalloco in honor of his work in developing the PDA education program.

Awarded to:

Distinguished Service Award*

Four to six awards are typically given in recognition of volunteers' special acts, contributions, or service over the last year that have contributed to the success and strength of PDA. Examples of the types of activities that are recognized include service as members and leaders of PDA Program Planning committees, Task Forces, Interest Groups, and Chapters.

Awarded to:

Service Appreciation Award

This award is given in recognition of activities performed on behalf of PDA and is awarded at the end of service of specific volunteer leadership positions, including:

  • The Board of Directors
  • Advisory Board Chairs (intended to be given after stepping down as immediate past chair but can be given earlier when service is cut short)
  • Interest Group Leaders
  • Chapter Presidents
Awarded to:

PDA President’s Award

This Award recognizes a PDA staff member, typically excluding Senior Staff members, whose exemplary performance has contributed to PDA’s success during the previous year.

Awarded to: