Rebecca E. Dowd, MS

Rebecca E. Dowd, MS U.S. FDA Director, Investigations Branch, Division 3, OPQO, ORA

Rebecca Dowd is this Director of the Investigations Branch in Office of Regulatory Affairs, OPQO Division III. Previously, Rebecca was an Application Reviewer with CDER’s Office of Pharmaceutical Quality, under the Division of Inspectional Assessment, and subsequently, a Compliance Officer with CDER’s Office of Manufacturing Quality. With over 19 years of inspectional experience with the FDA, including 3 years as a District Pre-Approval Manager and 2 years as a Drug Specialist, Rebecca attained Level II and Level III certification as a drug investigator, and became a member of FDA’s Pharmaceutical Inspectorate. She holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Biology, and has experience lecturing in both academic and agency forums.