Nina Krautwurst Dr.

Nina Krautwurst Dr. SCHOTT Pharma Global Product Manager

Nina Krautwurst, currently the Global Product Manager for Polymer Solutions at SCHOTT Pharma, has over four years of experience with the company. Her current focus involves strategically managing pre-filled sterile syringe systems made from polymer (COC), ensuring their seamless integration as ready-to-use packaging products. Prior roles include a Product Manager and Senior Product Engineer at SCHOTT Pharma, where she contributed significantly to product development. Nina also has a strong educational background, holding a Doctor of Natural Sciences in Chemistry from Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz and completing an internship at Caltech in Solid State Chemistry. Her research contributions include work on nano-porous cathode materials and crystal structures of inorganic materials. Nina has further demonstrated her expertise through teaching experience and guest scientist roles at renowned institutions like ESRF and Diamond Light Source.