2024 PDA/FDA Joint Regulatory Conference

Mary E. Farbman, PhD Merck & Co., Inc.

Mary E. Farbman, PhD

Mary E. Farbman, PhD Merck & Co., Inc. Associate Vice President, Global Quality Compliance

Mary Farbman leads a team of GMP experts responsible for compliance support at Merck’s manufacturing facilities across the globe.  She previously worked  at FDA/CDER’s Office of Compliance, where she was responsible for authoring and reviewing warning letters and other compliance documents, conducting microbiological reviews of therapeutic protein manufacturing processes, and performing pre-license inspections of BLA products.  In industry, she has worked at both the site and global levels in various compliance and auditing roles as well as in the R&D arena.  Her areas of expertise and interest include biotechnology, sterile products, and analytical techniques.  She holds a doctorate degree in biological chemistry from MIT, where she studied the enzymatic mechanisms of bacterial unfoldases and proteases.