Connect, Innovate, Transform: Your Gateway to the Future

The Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices industries are advancing at an unprecedented pace, and your expertise is crucial to driving innovation. That's why we invite you to be a part of two groundbreaking conferences taking place from 04-05 June 2024 in Antwerp, Belgium: The PDA Good Digitalization in Pharma Conference 2024 and the PDA Medical Devices and Connected Health Conference 2024.

As a participant in either conference, you automatically unlock a unique opportunity: a 2-for-1 offer! This exclusive deal allows you to seamlessly switch between each event, doubling your exposure to the latest advancements in both realms.

As an added benefit, both conferences will feature a joint exhibition hall, providing an unprecedented opportunity to learn more about the latest products and services. Multiple networking possibilities with attendees and professionals from both conferences will help to broaden existing connections and open doors to new collaborations.

If you've already registered for one conference, you'll receive an additional 20% off when you sign up for one of the workshops.